Custom Patch Options

At, we know that an embroidered patch should be as unique as the event, company, organization, group or team it represents. That is why we offer three levels of embroidery, four styles of backing, two border options and two types of specialty threads. In addition, every design can include up to seven free colors, with more than 130 colors from which to choose. All of these features and options are designed to give you a product that you, your teammates, your associates or your employees will be proud to wear. Of course, making decisions can be difficult, which is why our experienced design team is available to answer any questions at 877-912-6407 or

Which percentage of embroidery option should I choose?

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50% Embroidery

A patch's embroidery is considered 50 percent when half or less of the patch is embroidered. These patches come with a twill backing and generally feature embroidered numbers or letters and an embroidered edge. A patch design that benefits the most from using 50 percent embroidery typically includes names, letters or numbers in a large, easy-to-read font. This option is perfect for simplified logos, name badges and other similar patches.

75% Embroidery

The majority of custom embroidered patches that you see are at an embroidery level of 75 percent. These patches have a twill backing with embroidered lettering, logos and images, which is the industry standard. Patches that include multiple images; images and text; or multiple-colored backgrounds are best at 75 percent embroidery. Choosing 75 percent embroidery will include all features of your custom patch to be raised above the twill backing, offering a creative design that pops.

100% Embroidery

For a patch to which none other can compare, consider 100 percent embroidery. These patches are completely embroidered, providing a patch that is rich in color and design. Custom patches that feature a lot of detail, multiple images or multiple background colors are best created with 100 percent embroidery to ensure each feature is easy to read and can be seen from a distance. Although the patch uses a twill backing similar to the other embroidery options, none of the backing is visible at this level.

How should I determine the size of my patch?

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First, measure the height and width of the custom patch you want to create, then add the height and width measurements. Then, divide that total by two to find the actual patch size which will determine the pricing of your custom patch.

Use this patch to the left as an example. The height is 3.0" and the width is 2.0", so we just add those together and get 5". Now just divide by 2 and we get a 2.50" patch. We would price this patch out as 2.50", but the dimensions would stay the same.

Add the length + width and divide by 2.
The patch is 3"x2", so (3+2)= 5
5/2 = 2.5
The patch size is 2.50"

What custom patch backings and thread options are there?


Standard Backing: Free with order

Iron On Backing: Add $0.10 per patch

Velcro Backing: Quote on request

Peel & Stick backing: Add 15% per patch

Merrowed Border: Free with order

Hot Cut Border: Add $0.10 per patch

Button Loop: Add $0.15 per patch

Metallic Thread: Add 30% per patch

Neon Thread: Add 25% per patch

Order Minimum: 50 pieces per design

Colors: 9 colors included free

Additional Colors: Add $0.10 per color

Click on the images below to see color choices and design instructions.

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